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Public Display of Absurdity: fanfictions by genkified_pyke

pyke =^o^=
8 April 1989
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Hi! *glomps* Welcome to Public Display of Absurdity! This is the place where you can find all my fanfictions. Please feel free to read them and don't hesitate to leave a comment as well! But before you go any further... here are a few reminders about this account.

Warning! All these fanfictions contain slash or yaoi. Meaning... they all concern male-to-male relationships. If you find any of these highly disturbing in any way... then I'll have to force you to like them... PUHAHAHAHA~! *coughs* I mean, you might want to leave this journal like right now! Yes... right now!

Disclaimer! Most of my characters consist of real people. (j-rockers... blah, blah, blah) I do not own them. Not now. Not ever! If I did own them... then I'd be too busy playing with them to write fanfics! So there! ^__^

Extra reminders! All these stories came from my head. All these are made up from my sick imagination. Sooo... don't go all 'whaaat~~??' while reading the fanfics because none of these situations really happened to the characters! -.-" Unless of course... I made it happen to them... *coughs again*

Another thing, all my works can be found in my memories. Although i don't think i categorized them that neatly... ^^;; But... they are categorized by pairing and by genre so... yeah... just look for them. ^___^

Oh, by the way... as of now, I've also started posting some of my fanart here! ^^ Yay! *jumps around*

So... if you've reached this point of the message then that means... well... you've reached this point of the message! ^__^ Oh... and if anyone wants to add me to their friends list, by all means, feel free to do so! Just as long as you enjoy my works and we at least share a few common interest then I won't have any problem with you adding me at all! ^___^

And on to the fics! Enjoy reading! ^.^

If you want to link me, just use any of the banners below.

(You can only find my fanworks here. If you want to read my random rantings... go here ---> orenji_graffiti)

Update! Me and my friend Kevin Ang just made our very own webcomic series! You can find The Campus Adventures of Sam and Flarry (or The CASF) over at chibified_pyke

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